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About Us

Year Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Plano, TX 75074

About Us

Year Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Plano, TX 75074

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SPAC Websites is

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Since 2000, B2i Technologies, Inc. has operated with a singular purpose – to provide superior tools for businesses to connect with their investors, making information readily available and easy to navigate.

Technology Company

Our software improves user experience, with tools that provide all the data needed to host a full featured investor website, while also empowering designers to create an engaging web presence.

Corporate Design Firm

We provide modern, custom built, corporate IR websites, designed to leave a lasting impression. From hosting to design and development, we can launch your new website quickly, saving you time, energy and cost.

IR Solutions Architect

SPAC Websites operates with a singular purpose – to provide the tools and efficient path for special purpose acquisition companies like yours to go public, in less time.

Investor Relations Pioneer

Investor relations and corporate communication functions have long been the cause of inefficiencies. Our founder, Troy A. Ussery saw this in 1997. He collaborated with a group of Wall Street professionals and corporate executives to create a software application to help solve these problems. These efforts led to the founding of B2i Technologies, Inc. three years later in 2000. 

Digital Marketing Powerhouse

The relationships we’ve formed over the last 20 years have given us the upper hand over any competition. Our brand marketing, news releases and digital advertising can take any company from startup to a dominate player in their industry.

SPAC Websites has never been content with what we’ve accomplished. We continuously strive to do more, to offer our clients more autonomy, and to save them both time and money.

From plugins with built-in automation features and website creation to press distribution and digital marketing services, SPAC Websites is well-established as a full-service solution for any SPAC regardless of size.

No More Waiting. No More Excuses.

It’s time to empower your company, take control of your IR communications and treat your investors like they’re your most important clients. It’s time to connect with SPAC Websites.